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September 20, 2007

Yeh, not much time for domestic pursuits lately. The full-time study load with a high-needs toddler is kicking my butt.

I have almost finished the main bodice for Emma’s ‘Monica’ tank, though (then I knit the frill, and attach the two).

That really is about all I’ve done in the last couple of weeks đŸ˜¦ I did find some really good-looking heavy duty webbing and buckles at the army surplus store (saved me a 2 hour trip to Spotlight and it’s better quality IMO), so an SSC Mk II is on the horizon. I have some Amy Butler Nigella twill coming in the mail though, so I think I’ll wait and use that.

Should be some funky PUL prints coming too (and then I SWEAR I am off co-op buying, honestly), which I think I’ll make into some show-off AIOs for summer.

I have established a compost heap and done a whole lot of weeding, and will be re-mulching my fruit trees next week; I suppose those are domestic pursuits too.

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