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This is what today looked like

April 13, 2011

0530: get up and go for a short run in the dark.
0600: get home, get ready for work, fill dishwasher ‘cos it wasn’t done last night.
0710: walk to work
0730-1045: work (my partner worked from home watching Miss 2.5 & took the older kids to school)
1100: get home, get changed, get on the bike with Evie up to swimming lessons
1130-1230: swimming & playground
1300: get home, make lunch, eat lunch, put swimming stuff in washing machine, make multiple phone calls, take swimming stuff out of machine & hang it up, put whites in washing machine.
1445: walk up to school
1515: get back from school pickup
1515-1700: empty washing machine again, hang up whites, feed children multiple times, drink COFFEE, answer email for other job.
1700: walk to soccer
1715-1830: soccer training for older kids, play with Miss 2.5 in the playground
1900: get home, having picked dinner up on the way
2030: finally time to put the kids to bed … they are still wide awake though, and it’s after 2130!!

I am tired, not used to this whole work-outside-the-home thing. BUT I did get my run in.

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