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Sorry to be away so long

June 23, 2011

Sorry, my poor neglected blog.

I’ve been sick since Saturday, I suspect tonsillitis, but just as I thought I *might* have to go to either the doctor or the naturopath and get something heavy-duty to kill it off, it turned the corner. Now my throat is almost better, but I am still wiped out because I did not rest while I was sick. No time to rest!!

I’ve been getting our old house ready for sale, and getting this one ready for renovations, which are now scheduled to start on July 7. Believe me, this is exciting! Demolishing an old lean-to extension, converting the current kitchen to ensuite and laundry, and then building a new main bathroom, living, dining and kitchen area. With good luck, it might be done by Christmas. (Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.)

Anyway, I haven’t exercised since a kick-arse session on Saturday morning – except for all the walking I do by necessity – but I’ve been eating clean, in fact probably not eating quite enough because my throat hurt so much, and lost another 700g at this week’s weigh-in. That puts me 300g from my initial goal!

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