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Lean and Strong

August 17, 2011

To be honest, I am sh*tting myself. Me and weights, just don’t mix. Running, I can do. I hadn’t done it for years, but my body and my mind did remember how to do it. I have never been strong; unless you’re talking about my baby-carrying muscles, which are finely honed (I can still carry my 18kg three-year-old on my back all day in a good carrier).

Last round I said i was going to do it, but chickened out because I really wanted to do that half-marathon instead.

I need to break down my comfort zone. Running is great, but I need some muscles to underpin the cardio. On that note, today I visited the gym behind my work, and I am going to cancel my current membership and join up there. It is small, and hopefully I can become comfortable in the weights area. Also classes like Powerbar and Abs Butts and Thighs run at lunchtimes.

HOWEVER, because I’m a sucker, I’ve also signed up for this running course. Haha! It’s aimed at a 10km run i’m doing in October, I would like to beat my personal best and get below 50 minutes, but also I haven’t had any running coaching since I was in high school and it will be interesting to get professional advice.

If I update this blog regularly, is anyone actually going to read it? If a tree falls in the forest …

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  1. August 19, 2011 12:16 am

    I hear what you are saying Georgie!!! 😀 On all levels…. Just so you know – I do read all your updates!!! 😀 Although I follow so many 12WBT blogs now – it's difficult to keep track of who is who. 🙂

  2. August 19, 2011 12:25 am

    P.S. I am your opposite!! I love strength and get hung up on the running!! Working on becoming a runner though..

  3. August 19, 2011 4:25 am

    Yep others hear you too. I'm just starting my first 12wbt so am putting myself out there too, not always comfortable but needs to be done (IMO). Well done YOU :o)

  4. August 22, 2011 11:31 am

    Naww, thanks Lan Bee & Time2Trim!Lan Bee I am grateful that running comes somewhat naturally to me (don't get me wrong, it was hard when I started again after many years, but I always knew that I would be able to do it), I think it is probably more daunting to learn to run from scratch than learn to do weights.

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