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Update on SKINS ad campaign

November 20, 2011

I got this email from the SKINS Australia marketing manager:
Good morning Georgina,
Thank you for getting in touch with us directly on the issues with the new A200 range print advertisements.

These campaigns are guided by research into our customer base – however we appreciate that we may have made an error on this occasion.

To immediately rectify the situation, we will be amending all our national print advertisements at the earliest possible time. To reflect your concerns, we will re-focus the print advertisements to more appropriately convey how the A200 range not only supports your muscles, but also helps women boast a sleek, flattering silhouette.

Again – we appreciate you expressing your concerns directly to SKINS and we hope this course of action exemplifies how serious we take any complaint from one of our loyal customers.

We highly value advocates such as yourself and, in the future, we will continue working hard to maintain our place as the lead compression garment brand in the market and hope you are able to re-consider your support for SKINS.

I’m counting that as a win, I acknowledge that many customers *do* want a “sleek, flattering silhouette”, I just don’t think it should be at the expense of performance or being taken seriously as an athlete.

Thanks for listening to us, SKINS!

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