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Saying “yes”

November 22, 2011

One of the things I’ve really missed is the lack of opportunities to just spend time with my kids, not doing their sporting activities, not rushing from one place to another, not at home trying to catch up on chores, just hanging out together and having fun.

This Saturday afternoon, my elder daughter had a birthday party and my son asked if we (myself and the two younger kids) could please go to the museum. I automatically started to say “no” and then stopped myself – why not?

So the three of us spent a lovely few hours in and around the Perth Cultural Centre and now it reads like one of those Mastercard ads. Total spend:

2 toys from museum shop = $10

donation for entry to museum = $5

donation for entry to art gallery = $2 (I’d run out of change!)

coffee, lemonade & snack = $15

relaxed afternoon with the kids = priceless!

drum time!

Snack time!

We started off at the fantastic new free auditory playscape outside the museum. Have I ever mentioned my children love to make noise? This was heaven to them – drums, pipes, xylophone-type things, plus things they could run around and climb all over.

Next stop: Extraordinary Stories from the British Museum at the WA Museum. Visiting exhibition with free entry. I thought it was pretty awesome, the kids were interested in some of it but declared it not as good as the dinosaurs! Typical. I’m not sure what I was thinking letting them buy plastic vuvuzuelas from the exhibition shop, hmmmm. Time will tell on that one.

Then they were hungry – naturally, after all it was a good 30 minutes since they last ate – so we visited one of the little coffee kiosk modules that has sprung up in the Cultural Centre. A decent coffee for me, pink lemonade and dotty cookies for them. Can’t complain (okay, I could complain about the “I need the toilet!” cry that went up 30 seconds after I took that photo, necessitating packing everything up, running over to the Art Gallery and using their toilet, then coming back outside and unpacking near the “wetlands”. Such is life).

Having been inside the Art Gallery, Alastair wanted to head there next, so off we went to the Princely Treasures Exhibition. I lie, we went to the Children’s Space of the exhibition, which is free. The kids got to make cardboard crowns decorated with “jewels”, and play dress-up inside a large cardboard castle. I got to sit down 😉 We also checked out Wonderland, the Gallery’s regular children’s space. Big thumbs up from us.

Back to the museum and into the Discovery Centre, where we hung out doing puzzles and looking at bugs (WHY do they always want to look at the bugs?) until closing time, whereupon we had the only real whinge of the afternoon, that they didn’t want to go home.


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