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Feeling the working-mum guilts this week

November 27, 2011

My job is generally really, really good to work around kids. It’s part-time yet stable, flexible, and not too high-stress. However, sometimes things just all happen at once.

My normal hours are 9 until 2. Thursday afternoon I had to stay back to talk to our IT helpdesk – they are in the UK and open at 8.30am, which is 4.30pm Perth time. We normally communicate via email but this problem was turning out to be a big one and we just weren’t getting anywhere sending emails back and forth. In the end it took until almost 6pm for the guy to get it sorted out! Luckily Garry was able to work from home and pick the big kids up from school, and my mum kept Evie a bit longer than usual. Then at 6pm I got a phone call from a member, WTF? *sigh*

Friday was my Golf Day. This thing was a huge stress to organise as I’d never done one before, and it went on until 7.30pm so I got home at the kids’ bedtime, exhausted. My poor babies.

Saturday night I went out to the school quiz night which had been arranged well in advance but I still felt really guilty about.

Tomorrow – I normally I have Mondays off – I have to be at work at 7.45am as I have a final assessment interview* arranged at 8am that I have to facilitate.

Tuesday evening I have another event! CPD this time, until about 7pm.

I miss my babies and I hate this part of being a working mum. Of course, the upside to all these extra hours is that I’m going to take Wednesday off and go on Alastair’s end of year school excursion to the zoo! He is so excited. I also should have some hours banked up to use over the school holidays because work will be pretty quiet over December and January anyway.


*I work for a professional qualification organisation, so after graduating from their university course candidates do a two-year professional ‘traineeship’ with various facets, and then sit a final assessment with three experienced members of their profession. Actually tomorrow’s interview is for a Senior Professional candidate, so he’s come in with experience rather than straight out of uni, and has gone straight to assessment.

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