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What the heck do I do with curly hair?

December 1, 2011

None of my kids have had much hair when they were babies. Miss 9 had pretty much dead-straight hair when it did start growing, although unfortunately it grew into something of a mullet. I think she had her first haircut at about 3 years of age, not counting a few bits I cut off the back to reduce the mullet look. Her hair used to get tangled a lot, but some detangling spray and a comb sorted it out easily enough.

Mr 5 had absolutely beautiful golden waves until his first haircut at the age of four. I loved his hair so much, which was why I waited until he asked to have it cut. Here he is just after he turned four:

His was never tight curls though.

Now, Miss 3 … I don’t know where she got the curly-haired genes from but oh boy.

Here she is at 2:

And now, at three and a half:

Her hair is a total rats’ nest! I’ve tried the detangler and comb and it just seems to make it worse. The curls at the front are fine, but the back is completely matted when she gets up in the morning and doesn’t get much better through the day. I have no idea how to handle curly hair! Any tips out there?

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