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Hello from Sydney!

February 20, 2012

I flew into Sydney yesterday afternoon and am here until tomorrow night.

The world of business trips is still new to me – I started in my job about 7 months ago and came on my first trip about 2 weeks after that. Mind you, this was after five years at home with the children, so it was quite exciting! I actually travelled quite a bit last year, and this is my third trip to Sydney in just over 6 months, so I do kind of feel like I know it a bit now.

Being away has its advantages and disadvantages.

I miss the kids. I also enjoy the time without them, alone in fact, to take a bath, read in bed, to just veg out.

I love to run in Sydney. The hotel gym closes at 9 so I haven’t had a chance to do weights as I’ve been out until after 9 both nights. But running two mornings in a row instead is no hardship, with the views over the harbour.

I usually work in a satellite office by myself, from 9-2, so working with 12 other people from 9-5 & then team dinner afterwards, can be challenging. I like my colleagues! I’m just not used to such long days focussed on work, my mind drifts off a little.

I have also been super-busy in my office, so when I get home after two days away there will be heaps to catch up on. I’m awake now at 11pm Sydney time dealing with emails from today.

Food-wise has been okay, not perfect, not terrible. Too much coffee!! (Luckily it doesn’t keep me awake at night.)

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