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In answer to yesterday’s question …

February 24, 2012

… no. Right now, it’s not worth it.

I have had one of the worst days that I remember having in the recent past. People were not happy with the event I put on yesterday, so they were phoning and emailing all day to complain. I felt like crying. I DID cry, when my partner phoned and asked if I was okay. Luckily I work in an office by myself so no-one saw me bawling my eyes out! Most of the people were not rude or nasty, their criticism was constructive and I take it on board, but seriously there are only so many times that I can handle constructive complaints in a day, especially when I’m already so tired and stressed.

School fete meeting in the morning, handing out food all evening at the school’s Family Fun Night. That stuff takes up time but I would rather do that, stuff that benefits my kids, than work at my job right now.

I feel like, if I am not good at it what’s the point? By trying to do everything I end up being good at nothing – not my job, not my training, not parenting my children, not feeding myself or feeding my family. I just fail at life.

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