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Because I need some positivity around here

February 26, 2012

(Miss Three is sick. Mr 5 is becoming Mr 6 on Friday and I have no presents for him yet, tomorrow – my one day off – was shopping day, now Miss 3 can’t go to daycare. WHAT work/life balance??)


I need to blog something positive.

Five good things about today:

1. 5 km fun run down at Burswood. Not my fastest time, fell short of that by about 30 seconds, but I came in in about 25.30 which is not too bad. Saw some friends I haven’t seen in a while too.
2. Mr 5-almost-6 had his first go at riding his bike without training wheels and is doing pretty well (until we had to come home from the park when Miss 3 threw up, heh).
3. Tried a new recipe for dinner after the fun run, omelette stir-fry with tofu from the No Excuses cookbook, sounds weird but was quite tasty and a good protein hit.
4. Did not snack after dinner.
5. Impressed myself with my frugal use of fruit & veg boxes – the black ones we get from Aussie Farmers direct actually make great storage (I will take a photo one day) but I’ve still been putting the lids into recycling. However, they make great backing for kids’ puzzles with free printables from the internet.

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