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Kids’ rooms

February 28, 2012

Tomorrow we get new couches for the living room, which means … the kids get the old couches! Lucky kids.

Here is Miss 9’s room:

Out of the picture is her wardrobe & a small bookshelf to the side of the bed and a blanket box in front of the fireplace.

And here is Mr 5 & Miss 3’s room:

Looking back towards the door, you can see Miss 3’s bed.

Looking from the door, past 2 wardrobes (one large and one small) towards the couch and Mr 5’s bed.

As you can see, they have big rooms, but most of the lower portion of the walls are taken up with windows and/or furniture. Super-high ceilings, so I need to work out how to store things effectively – for example, large stuffed toys – to make the most of that vertical space.

To recap, we have three kids in a three-bedroom house. The bedrooms are generous, but even with the renovations, the living areas are not huge. We have an open plan living-dining-kitchen area, in which we’ve managed to carve out a small office space, but no separate family/games/formal living rooms. We still lack storage space for things like my sewing gear and fabric, and Garry’s musical gear.

At the moment we are thinking either nice deep wall shelves above the couches/beds (somewhere where they won’t hit their heads) or some of those hanging toy nets. Ideas anyone?

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