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March 6, 2012

I am still sick. On Monday after daring to go for an easy 5km run, I was struck down by a headache that didn’t respond to drugs and didn’t let up over the whole day. It was a public holiday but Garry was still at work for most of the day so I just had to lie in bed and mostly let the kids fend for themselves. Today I got up and still felt off, so I took the day off work. Then two of the kids came to me saying they didn’t feel well either, so there goes my peaceful, restful day off. Alastair was throwing up for most of the day, and I ended up taking him to the emergency department in the afternoon because he had gone for 12 hours without a wee and wasn’t holding down any fluids. Of course he then improved and held down the rehydration drink at the hospy *sigh*

Thankfully they didn’t hassle me about him not being “up to date” on his vaccinations (we have declined some), as that was one stress I could sure do without.

Now HE’S fine and I still feel like sh*t and I just know I have a million calls and emails waiting for me at work tomorrow. I’m going to have to scratch the half-marathon I’d planned for Sunday. I am just OVER it right now.

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