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Creating a sewing nook

March 13, 2012

Readers of my former blog may know that I used to sew lots of things and knit a little too. I haven’t done much of either since we moved here. At our old house I had a sewing room, okay it was sometimes filled with other junk, but it was still a separate room. When we first moved here, my machines lived on a bench in the laundry. That wasn’t too bad – it was a long bench – but there was nowhere to store my fabric, and the laundry was freezing in winter and boiling in summer. When we temporarily moved to the other duplex while we renovated, all my sewing stuff got shoved in a corner of the bedroom and it was a huge production to get anything out.

Now we have our lovely extension, but I still wasn’t sure where I was going to find space – there were still no spare rooms for me, and only one open-plan living area. Then I got thinking, we have this corner that isn’t really doing anything.

One Expedit shelf later and we have a work in progress:

I am thinking I will hang a white curtain over the front of the fireplace to cover the stacks of plastic tubs (fabric stash) for a less cluttered look. I can’t really store all the fabric and yarn in the Expedit as I’ll worry about moths; I want it sealed. There are two drawer units and two door/cupboard units for the Expedit along with the baskets on the bottom shelves. Maybe an inspiration/ideas pinboard above the sewing cabinet?

It’s not perfect – I can’t extend the sewing cabinet fully, and, well, it’s kind of small. But it’s got loads of storage, it’s out of the way and relatively private but I can still see the kids or dinner cooking. I can cut on the living room floor or dining table, and I could move the machines to the dining table for big and bulky projects if I wanted.

What do you think? Any brilliant ideas to make this space work?

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