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Work life family ARGHHHH!

May 15, 2012

Let me preface this by saying I like my job. I like the philosophy of the company, I like my colleagues, I like (most of) the members, it’s varied and challenging but not too stressful … most of the time.

My kids keep getting sick. Last Wednesday, both E1 and A complained of a stomachache. Kept them home, took the day off work, they miraculously recovered and drove me crazy all day. I wrote it off as somewhat of a mental health day. On Thursday they both went back to school and I went back to work to try and catch up. Around 10am I get a phone call from the school office telling me A is in the sick bay with a stomachache and needs to be picked up. I prevail upon my mother, who has E2 on Thursdays, to go and pick him up – she was already going to pick both of them up from school because I had a function to attend in the afternoon. Thank God for mums. She reports that he is fine for the rest of the day.

After no further signs of illness, it’s back to school on Friday. At 2pm, just as I’m finishing up anyway, I get a call from the school office, now E1 has a stomachache and is in the sick bay. In the rush I managed to lock my house AND office keys in my office and not realise until I got home! (Again, thank goodness for parents, I popped next door to borrow the spare from my parents.) She was dozing off when I got there so seemed genuinely under the weather but I don’t know. I think the administrator was giving me the “look” too, you know that one that says you are a bad parent because OBVIOUSLY your kids were still sick and you sent them to school because OBVIOUSLY work is more important to you.

For the entire weekend they were absolutely fine. E1 even did the 8km Mother’s Day Classic with me on Sunday. Monday is my day off. I went to wake them up and lo and behold, E1 has a stomachache again and A has an earache! Since they weren’t terribly ill I took them to netball with me because we don’t have enough players otherwise (they were well away from other people anyway). Then they totally nixed my productive day off by being home and NOT in bed.

Today A woke up really congested, sniffling and coughing, so again my mum stepped in to watch him as well as E2.

I am sitting here at 10.30pm stuffing envelopes for a campaign because I am falling behind at work, and I am TIRED of this. One month until my marathon and things are really getting on top of me.

I’ve spoken to the kids and their teachers and there doesn’t seem to be anything going on at school that would cause phantom stomachaches that magically disappear once they get home. I could try enforcing a rule of “if you’re sick enough to stay home from school you stay in bed” but I think that would just make us more miserable and it’s even harder to organise care if called away in the middle of the day!

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