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Four weeks to go!

May 20, 2012

In four weeks, I’ll no doubt be feeling very sore because I will have run my first-ever marathon.


My preparation hasn’t been ideal. Sickness, kids, work, my own head, they’ve all gotten in the way at times. I am, however, confident that I am stubborn enough if not fit enough to go the distance! Bringing up the rear no doubt but I don’t think there is any shame in finishing last in a marathon. 

Right now I am not sure I will ever run another. Running a marathon is a lot more technical to me than I like running to be. Even a half-marathon I didn’t need to think too much about, a few lollies for energy, adequate hydration, a bit of a taper in training, no worries. A marathon is a whole new world. Nutrition is vitally important, both pre-race and during the race. The training hours involved are a big step up, and I can feel the wear on my body – I should be having regular massages but just can’t find the time. I will be proud to achieve this one but may stick to shorter distances in future.

Still, I think I said something similar late in pregnancy with my first child, and I have three children, haha!

My two older kids are doing the Kids’ Marathon which culminates in a 2.2km run on marathon day so it should be a fun day for all of us. I even roped in a couple of their schoolfriends to do it too!

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