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Running a marathon is like childbirth

June 19, 2012

Five reasons why running a marathon is like childbirth:

1. You have a long time to prepare for it, yet you still wind up waiting for it to start with a sense of fear, nervous anticipation and worry that you didn’t prepare enough.

2. You look sweaty, bedraggled and generally awful afterwards, yet you need and cherish photos of this moment.

3. When you’re a couple of hours in, you’d like to give up but there’s no turning back by then. Not quite true in a marathon, you *can* drop out, but once I hit the turn-around point I knew the fastest way back to rest, water and home was to keep running!

4. The last little bit is the most painful but you can see the finish line … or in the case of childbirth, the head meaning it’s nearly out!

But most of all, running a marathon is like childbirth because:

5. Immediately afterwards you say you’ll never EVER do that again but over time the pain fades and you think maybe, just maybe you could manage another one 😛

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