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Marathon recovery and what next?

June 24, 2012

This morning was my first run since the marathon. My legs are fine – they were sore Monday and Tuesday, but I played netball on Monday, I just couldn’t bend down! – but my head is full of snot and the cold mornings were not inspiring me. Being Sunday I could get up a little later, so I did, and it felt good to run but I couldn’t breathe properly – coughing up blood-flecked snot that had run down the back of my throat was *not nice*. So *not nice* that I am thinking perhaps I should hit the gym this week instead of running outside. It’s a lot harder to schedule though. I just want to run!!

I’m not planning any more marathons just yet but I want to do two halfs in August; I did the same ones last year. Perth Half is a flat course, last year it was my first half and I ran 2:05. Three weeks later at City to Surf on a hilly course I backed up with a 1:57 – maybe I had more confidence that I could do it and thus kept up a better pace from the beginning, or maybe the bigger field pushed me along. Who knows? Anyhow, this year I would like to knock five minutes off that and run a 1:52, so I need to get some speed in my legs.

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