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There’s something about big runs …

August 16, 2012

… that makes me sick afterwards! As per my previous post, I was sick for a week after the Perth Marathon. On Sunday I did the first half and pushed myself to run a PB (with the help of a pacer – post about this to follow!). I woke up Monday with a scratchy throat, managed to play two full games of netball, but by the afternoon I knew I was sick. Tuesday and Wednesday I could barely get out of bed beyond feeding the kids, getting them to school, washing school uniforms, making school lunches – you know, the bare necessities!

Today is Thursday and I feel semi-human again, to the extent I can fully take in the pigsty my house has become and am trying to motivate myself to do something about it.


The worst thing about this? I’ve had a month off work, this week is my last week off before starting a new job next week. A part-time job, but with two weeks of full-time training. So this week I was going to make sure the house was sorted, have meals and snacks prepped in the freezer, be SO damn organised you wouldn’t believe it! So much for that idea.

I also need to be better for Sunday because I am taking part in the Western Mudd Rush and I do NOT want to miss it!

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