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One of those runs

August 26, 2012

… where you’re just happy to finish!

I ran the City to Surf half-marathon today. I think to say that my preparation was poor would be a major understatement. Since running a PB at the Perth Half two weeks ago, I spent a week in bed with the flu, dragged myself up for the physical challenge of Western Mudd Rush, did a week of full-time work (I normally work part-time) whilst still feeling the effects of the flu. All this meant I hadn’t actually run since my last half except for a few periods of running at the Mudd Rush.

Even this morning I was still full of phlegm and pretty tight through the chest, but not so bad that I could justify not running.

My start was awful, I mean C2s is always pretty chaotic but I had to take off at the back of my wave because I’d been held up finding a teammate for Emma (my 9 year old) to hang out with while she waited for the 12km to start. That was disappointing because by my PB I should have started near the front of my wave, and meant a lot of people-dodging.

The first 4km or so was just pure grit, I hadn’t had a chance to have that mental preparation I usually have at the start line and combined with being sick it was just awful. Thankfully I got into a decent rhythm after that, but by about 16km my chest was really tight and my breathing sounded awful.

I think if that had been my first half I would have given up around then, but having done a few I knew I was in the home stretch (which unfortunately on this course has a lot of uphill ground to cover!)

My gun time was 2:04 but according to my phone it was more like 1:59, so I think I will get under the 2 hour mark for net time (the time from when I crossed the start line, as opposed to the official start time of the half-marathon). Not a PB and not a course PB either as last year I ran 1:57 but oh well – I finished!

I’m also very proud of Emma for completing the 12km course 🙂

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