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A new challenge!

September 3, 2012
The Organised Housewife

Somehow I think this will be much more difficult for me than the 12WBT. I hate the term ‘housewife’, I certainly don’t use it for myself whether I’m currently employed outside the home or not, however if other women want to use it to describe themselves, so be it.

That aside, I haven’t even caught up to the main challenge yet. I’m caught up in one of the pre-challenge tasks: create a morning routine.

I think my stumbling block is that every morning is different here. On Mondays, I don’t work but Evie goes to daycare. On Tuesdays, Evie stays home with me. On Wednesdays & Fridays Evie goes to daycare and I go to work. Thursdays she stays with my mum while I go to work. Add in having to schedule exercise into my day, sometimes a run and sometimes the gym – gosh I am envious of those who posted their morning routines and can get up at 7am and still have time to accomplish things!

Also my kids are not morning people so there’s very little I can rely on them to do without a lot of prodding.

But I MUST try, and I will print out 5 copies of the morning routine checklist to develop a different one for each day.

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