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Home organisation on the cheap

November 21, 2012

Home organisation is NOT my strong point. There are no beautiful photos of my lovely co-ordinated home furnishings or perfectly clean rooms here. But there does come a limit to the disorganisation even I can stand! I am sick and tired of picking up the same toys in my kids’ room (Mr 6 and Miss 4 share), tossing them into boxes and on to shelves and doing the same thing again a week later. I try to get them to help me but honestly I can understand why they baulk – it’s overwhelming.

So this afternoon when I was doing the regular clean-before-the-cleaner – because they actually need clear floors and surfaces in order to dust, sweep, mop etc. – I actually got boxes and organised the toys in categories. It took longer but oddly enough the toys seem to take up *less* space now.

The best part? The boxes are repurposed from my weekly fruit and vegie order (Aussie Farmers Direct) so this didn’t cost me a cent!

Main tall bookshelf in their room (all our books are in large bookshelves down the long passageway).

Both kids have midi sleepers with shelves underneath; this is Evie’s. Most of the toys are shared rather than ‘his’ or ‘hers’.

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