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I am an accredited athletics coach!

November 25, 2012

Today I completed a Level 1 Athletics Australia coaching accreditation course through my kids’ Little Athletics club. I’ve been helping out with coaching this season, but given that I haven’t had any actual coaching since high school, and never did much throwing or jumping at all even then, I was a bit lost when thrown into coaching these events.

I’ve been winging it and mostly doing repetitive activities like just throwing the discus/shot repeatedly, lining up, waiting for a turn and so on. Especially with some of the larger age groups and the youngest kids, this really doesn’t work so well and they have been getting bored.

I learned SO much today, lots of drills and games to add to my repertoire and keep the kids interested. The best part is I feel more confident that I can coach even the events I could never actually *do* – triple jump, anyone?

The other good part is that this is a nationally-recognised accreditation, the club paid for it but I can also use it to do coaching at the kids’ school, for example, and be fully insured.

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