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January 15, 2013

… and then there are days I don’t love running.

Yesterday: 7km in a freaking sauna. I was out the door just before six and it  had rained a little earlier, but as soon as the sun came up it was just HORRIBLE. The legs were fighting with me, the head was protesting, even my breathing didn’t feel right, but I did it.

Today is a day off running so I got up at 5am and cleaned the house for 2 hours instead. Why? Because yesterday was so exhausting I had to go to bed as soon as I got home from my meeting at 10pm.

My day:

5.30am get up to run

7.00am back from run, have coffee & breakfast, get the kids up, breakfasted and ready

9.00am go catch the bus to the paediatric dentist

9.30am dentist appointments for Mr 6 & Miss 4 (Miss 4 needs fillings, damn genetically weak enamel)

10.15am call taxi to take us to birthday party, dropping Miss 4 at daycare enroute

11.00am drop Mr 6 at friend’s birthday party, take Miss 10 on bus to shops

11.30am have lunch and shop with Miss 10

12.30 bus back to party

1.00pm finally get Mr 6 out of party, catch bus to therapy appt in city

1.30pm hand kids to Dad (taking a delayed lunch break), go to therapy. Sitting talking about yourself for an hour is surprisingly tiring.

2.30pm get kids, more shopping for necessary items

3.30pm bus from city to post office to pick up parcel I got carded for a week ago

4.00pm at post office, parcel is too heavy for me to carry home, can’t pick it up anyway. Walk home.

4.30pm HOME finally. Prepare for zones committee meeting, feed kids, etc etc

5.30pm walk to daycare and back to pick up Miss 4

6.00pm home. Shower & change for committee meeting.

6.30pm Dad comes home, hand kids over, get in taxi to meeting as no time for bus

7.00pm zones committee meeting

8.15pm meeting finishes, walk to bus stop

8.45pm bus comes

9.20pm walk home from bus stop.


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