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Dear neighbours

June 8, 2014

Dear neighbours

I live on your block, but we have never met. I am a full-time-working single mother of three children, and you appear to be a group of young people living in a share house – no doubt our lives are very different. I’m not completely old and boring; I like a good night out with friends as much as the next person and I am young enough to still remember when those nights could go on a lot longer than they do now, and involve a lot more drinking.

However, I hope that I was never as much of an inconsiderate arsehole as you all appear to be. Last night you hosted a party. I’m pretty sure your friends all think it was epic; it was certainly well-attended. You didn’t inform the neighbours you were hosting a large party. Parties are part of life. At eight o’clock I didn’t mind your music – the live band wasn’t even too terrible. At ten o’clock, I could still handle it. I only had my eldest at home with me and she had managed to fall asleep. At one o’clock in the morning, I called the police. At two o’clock, still unable to sleep and with no sign of police attendance, and certainly no reduction in the noise level, I called again, only to be told it was on the list but noise complaints were a low priority after assaults and the like. I felt like saying there would be an assault if the noise didn’t stop soon because I’d walk up the street with a heavy object and start swinging.

I’m a few houses away, by the way, not your immediate neighbour, so it wasn’t just that I was very close to the music – it was much too loud for that time of night.

I’m pretty grumpy about missing out on that sleep. I have been sick for a month with various viruses that my body does not get a chance to recover from due to a crazy-busy period at work, and guess what, lack of sleep. Which is usually related to my children (or night-time coughing) and their night-time waking or morning commitments, but tonight as I said I only had the eldest, no alarm to set, and had my heart set on an uninterrupted night of good solid sleep.

It will probably be at least  a month before I next get that chance, thanks to you.

Hope you enjoyed the party, arseholes. Be sure to invite me to the next one.

No love,

The frazzled single mama down the road.

P.S. To the WA Police: I get that you’re probably understaffed and have to prioritise. But I think the fact that you didn’t respond at all – or possibly you did, I eventually fell asleep about 2.45am due to sheer exhaustion – to a serious noise complaint about a very large party, is concerning. Trouble tends to start at large parties. It should have been shut down.

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