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“Princess Anna” costume from Disney’s Frozen – how-to / tutorial

June 27, 2014


E2 wanted to go as Princess Anna to her school’s Frozen-themed disco. Of course, it’s so super-popular that most dresses were sold out. The ones I saw on Chinese websites looked awfully flimsy and I really wasn’t sure that a size 8 would fit her as she’s rather sturdily built, bless her heart.

So my mother and I tossed around some ideas – but really I give most of the credit to her and she did almost all the work! NONE of this was done with a sewing machine, so you really don’t need much sewing skill.


The cape is made from an Ikea polar fleece blanket, which came with the scalloped edges already in place. The beauty of polar fleece (apart from actually being warm like Anna’s cape would have been) is that it doesn’t need sewing. We doubled over one edge, sewed a loose hand-stitched casing and inserted a cord which can be tied to hold the cape on. The folded down bit can double as a hood if desired, although Anna doesn’t actually have a hood in the movie, it’s a separate bonnet. A brooch of my mothers and a hair lacky made the decorative fastener.


Bought on sale for $5 from Kmart – any black shoe or boot will do in a pinch.


My mother knitted these herself, it doesn’t take her long to whip up a pair, the clever thing!

Shirt and vest

You can’t see the shirt underneath but it is just a plain long-sleeved shirt from Kmart in about the right colour ($5). Nothing done to it so it can be worn as regular day wear too. The vest is an old black singlet that used to belong to me, with some gold trim hand-stitched to the edges and some freehand embroidery done with coloured yarn.


After a bit of op-shop hunting we found an adult-sized strappy dress in the right shade of blue. By tacking the bodice down inside and creating another handstitched casing (very loosely done!) which I threaded some inch-wide elastic through for the waistband, it became a skirt of about the right length. The only other thing I had to do was tack down the frill at the front which originally hung quite loose.

I was going to use fabric paint to embellish the skirt but I discovered the fabric paint I had in my crafting supplies had sadly solidified and E2 didn’t mind, she was happy with it how it is.

A couple of little girls at the disco had bought Anna costumes and I personally think E2’s was much more realistic and comfortable!

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