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1 chicken breast, 4 people

April 21, 2016

Four omnivores and one vegan to feed tonight. Had one large chicken breast in the freezer (probably about $3? I buy from Spudshed at $8.99/kg if I can’t get markdowns), 6 slices of bacon left that needed using up (I buy the 750g/1kg packs of shortcut when they are on a good special at Coles), and one chickpea patty for the vegan. So I cut the chicken into tenderloin-sized strips, and wrapped it in bacon. I had a bit more chicken than bacon as I cut the chicken into 8 pieces (two each), so two of the pieces were unwrapped. Seasoned with a little dried basil and chilli flakes. My kids being my kids, Mr 10 and Miss 8 complained that I had combined chicken and bacon even though they like both things *sigh*

Rice and broccoli in the Thermomix. Silverbeet from the garden, sauteed in oil with onion, garlic and more basil. Not a lot of meat but filled up on greens. I still feel a little hungry now so I might eat a small piece of zucchini slice before bed. I prefer this to eating huge meals and feeling over-full.

I still have some of the zucchini slice I made on Monday; enough for both adults’ work lunches tomorrow. The lemon slice is all gone and there’s a few granola squares left.

I need to make my shopping list for Coles on Sunday; we have to spend $110 as if I do that for four weeks I get $75 worth of bonus points which comes in handy around birthdays or Christmas (the FlyBuys dollars can be used at Kmart and Target, or we can use them at Coles for the shopping and then use the actual money somewhere else). We will add up the total as we go around so that we spend just over $110 but not too much over.

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