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Vague meal plan for the week

April 25, 2016

I don’t really meal plan. It enables me to shop the specials and markdowns – then I work with what I’ve got. I do like to have a vague idea of what I might make for the week though.

Today (child-free, public holiday) I don’t need to cook any main meals. I just had a huge plate of chicken and salads for lunch – the carcass of that $5.43 chicken that made 3 meals is now boiling up for stock – and the pie just needs to go in the oven tonight. So I will bake some muffins for lunchboxes:

  • white choc and cranberry (packet mix with ‘real’ ingredients, marked down to $1, need to add two eggs)
  • banana muffins – I have an old favourite recipe that I am going to try and veganise so Miss 13 can eat them. Freezer still full of bananas from last week’s 49c/kg haul.

This week there will be three dinners with five of us here, one with four of us (me and my three children), and two with all seven.

My vaguely planned dinners are:

  • nachos – there is some thinly sliced steak in the freezer that needs using up. I think I’ll do that in the slow cooker with spices so it falls apart over the nachos. I’ll attempt to make up a bean mix for Miss 13. There will be leftover meat for lunches.
  • homemade sausage rolls. Again I will attempt a vegan version for Miss 13 and this should do her more than one meal. Should be leftovers for lunches.
  • chicken in a tomato sauce with pasta (minus the sauce for Mr 10) – should be leftovers.
  • homemade pizza
  • steak sandwiches using the small pieces of sandwich steak
  • chicken with rice and stir-fried vegetables

This may well change but I find it useful to have vague ideas in my head.

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