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This week’s food shopping

May 1, 2016

Oh no, we went $10 over budget again! Ran around like a chicken with its head cut off at Coles just before they closed so we could get up to the $110 spend for FlyBuys, but probably should’ve just got milk, bread & eggs there to save buying them at Spudshed. However, I stocked up on laundry liquid (half price) and dishwasher powder (the Coles brand does as good a job as the more expensive stuff, in my experience) instead, so it will all get used.

Here’s the haul:



Scored 1kg bags of bananas at 49c each again to restock the freezer. The week’s shop also includes:

  • 1kg chicken breast (full price at $8.99/kg)
  • one pack chicken schnitzels marked down to $4.89, still quite expensive but was our Sunday dinner treat and I’ve saved some of mine to have in a salad for lunch tomorrow
  • 5kg carrots
  • 3kg potatoes (we can go through this in a week)
  • 2 frozen pizzas for a lazy night, at $3.25 for one (half price at Coles) and $1.99 for the other from Spudshed
  • laundry liquid half price
  • HEAPS of half price lunchbox items – GrainWaves, Vege chips, LCMs, vegan muesli bars. These will definitely last more than one week
  • chia seeds at $8.45 – expensive but a good egg replacer and a good protein source for Miss 13
  • 2 packs of Fry’s vegan thingys for Miss 13, again this will last at least a few weeks as I don’t like her eating soy meat replacements every night, but they were on special and rarely are
  • frozen dumplings & spring rolls half-price – good to have in the freezer, never buy at full price
  • half price Rice Bubbles – a staple cereal in our house and the real ones are preferred to the Coles brand. We’re not finished the previous box yet but will put this away so we don’t have to buy Coles brand next time
  • Almond milk, again I still have some in the cupboard but I buy one any time it comes on a good special as Miss 13 prefers this brand
  • pack of pads marked down to $2 (I mostly use reuseable but sometimes use disposable and Miss 13 only uses disposables. I foresee a time in the future where I may as well buy shares in Kotex when the younger three girls start menstruating!!)
  • 3 leeks for $2
  • 2 bunches of kale for $1
  • 4 zucchinis for $1
  • 3 burpless cucumbers for $1
  • some fancy mushrooms, $2, for a stir-fry tomorrow night
  • 4 bunches Chinese vegies, $1, for the stir-fry

I probably could save even more by avoiding some of the packaged items, however as we both work full time the trade-off is less time to cook. So when I buy packaged items, I buy the brands we like, but only when they’re on special. By being organised we rarely have to pay full price for them.

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