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Under budget this week!

May 8, 2016

Bit of a smaller shop this week. We still have quite a lot of vegies from last week and winter fruit gets more boring so the kids don’t eat as much of it (we still have some oranges and green apples).

It  was the last week of having to spend $110/week to get 15000 bonus FlyBuys points (which will equal $75 off our shopping when we choose to use it), I also had a voucher from last week’s receipt for 1000 bonus points if I spent $120, and a voucher that came in the mail for triple points if I spent over $70. So this $123 shop will be 1369 FlyBuys points plus triggering the 15000 points.

I bought $10 pyjamas – Mother’s Day is the best time to buy women’s PJs – which I paid for with a $10 gift card from doing surveys. In addition to this $113 we spent $4 at the fruit and veg shop (broccoli, capsicum, pears) and $1 at the bakery, so under $120 from the grocery budget.

The meat was all half price – the cheap BBQ sausages aren’t great for us but make a nice easy meal that the kids like and at $4/tray each meal will only cost us $2 (of meat) for the 6 meat-eaters. The Old El Paso chili con carne ($3) we had for dinner tonight just the two of us, with brown rice & peas and corn. It was okay, wouldn’t pay full price for it. The lamb is in the slowcooker now for meals through the week.

$2 for 2L of choc milk which will get frozen and made into choc milk slushies in the Thermomix – the kids and I love this. The freezer is pretty full now and the pantry is stocked up with baking supplies and lunchbox snacks so next week should be a small shop, probably just Spudshed for fruit, vegies, milk, bread and a couple of other things.

Over the next few weeks I will have the $75 in FlyBuys $$, a $100 Woolies gift card  I got with my credit card points – I pay in full every month and pay no annual fee so the rewards are a bonus – and another $20 Coles gift card from a survey site, so that will help us save more towards the council rates due in August.

Got cucumber that needs using up, olives in the fridge and a bit of feta with this week’s shop so I think tomorrow night I’ll serve some of the lamb with a Greek-style salad. Other than that I am still thinking about the week’s meals!

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