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Home-made Cornish pasties

May 12, 2016


Most Cornish pasty recipes involve raw meat, but I remember them from my childhood as a way to use up leftover roast meat. I used leftover butterflied lamb from the slow cooker, shredded.

Just make a batch of basic shortcrust pastry – my recipe is 100g chilled butter, 200g plain flour, bit of salt, 50g cold water. Pop it in the fridge and make filling while it chills.

Saute a chopped leek in some oil – because I got leeks cheap the other week, otherwise use onion. Add diced carrot and potato and cook until just starting to soften. Mix through the meat. I added a little silverbeet from the garden too, to make them a bit healthier. Season with salt and pepper (plenty of pepper!).

Roll the pastry out thin, and cut circles – our cereal bowls worked perfectly – re-rolling to make as many circles as possible. Place filling in the middle of the circle and crimp/roll the edges. Brush with egg wash. Place on a baking tray and baked in a preheated oven at 180-200 Celsius.

These have been my work lunches this week – super easy, delicious and filling. I don’t understand buying frozen shortcrust pastry at all; puff yes but shortcrust is so easy.

This week’s dinners have been:

Monday – Cornish pasties

Tuesday – frozen fish (bought half price this week) with homemade chips and broccoli

Wednesday – frozen pizzas (bought cheaply 2 weeks ago, for nights like this where I couldn’t be bothered), homemade garlic bread

Thursday – chicken chow mein-style meal (500g of chicken mince bought at half-price $3.23, frozen peas, onion, broccoli, curry powder and a flavouring sachet from chicken 2-minute noodles, with rice, fed 5 of us for around $5 and the kids loved it. Bit bland for me so I just added some chilli sauce).

It’s been a stressful week with work so a couple of lazy meals snuck in there, but still better than takeaway.

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