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May 15, 2016

Just squeezing under budget this week at $148, IF you don’t count the $20 we spent on apples that we picked yesterday – I kind of don’t as that falls under the ‘family outing’ budget, it just comes with the bonus of 10kg of delicious fresh Sundowner apples. More about that later.

The $16 at Woolies is also kind of free money – I got a $100 gift card from my credit card rewards points (no annual fee, never pay any interest), but I don’t want to do my weekly shop there, so decided I’d pop in whenever I have time and just shop for markdowns. No photos today as I got home at lunchtime and everyone wanted lunch!

Woolies didn’t have any meat markdowns that I wanted but lots of others:

  • 4 meat pies for $3.50 down from $5.99
  • a 400g tub of green beans for $1, down from $4.98
  • 500g of brussels sprouts for 80c (I love them roasted)
  • sliced mushrooms $2.12 down from $5.30
  • 24 cookies for $2 down from $5
  • 1kg of ‘odd bunch’ avocadoes for $4.90, avos have been way out of our budget lately
  • a My Little Pony toy for $2 down from $10, which will go in the present drawer.

I had a FlyBuys voucher for bonus points if I spent $90 and managed – without adding up – to spend $90.37! Also used bonus vouchers for buying Coles frozen veg and mini marshmallows.

All the meat at Coles was half price or better:

  • 600g of chuck steak for $1.75 (75% off)
  • 2x500g Mt Barker red thai curry chicken steaks $4.95 each (my kids’ favourite)
  • 2 trays of rissoles
  • a tray of chorizo sausages

The two younger kids and I went to the footy this afternoon so the chocolate milks, chips, lollies and some of the biscuits were for that. The $1 bags at Spudshed were 2 bunches of kale, and 4 zucchinis. Zucchini slice with chorizo will be tomorrow evening’s dinner, beyond that I haven’t really thought. Maybe a slow-cooker casserole with the chuck steak and mushrooms?


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