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‘Best before’

May 16, 2016

IMG_4334These are the Brussels sprouts I bought for 80c on Sunday (down from $5), with a best-before date of tomorrow.

I don’t know about you, but they look pretty good to me – nice and bright, firm, no wet bits. On the other hand, I’ve seen fruit and veg not marked down that looked awful – use your eyes and nose, no point buying food that needs to be thrown out. These are perfect and will easily last the rest of the week in a Tupperware FridgeSmart.

Tonight we had a tray of these, cut in half and roasted until crispy. We also had zucchini slice, and spicy lentils – there are easily enough leftovers for work lunches all week.

There were only two of us for dinner tonight, but here’s a cost breakdown:

Brussels sprouts (20c), olive oil, herbs and spices – negligible, always have in pantry.

1 cup dried lentils (50c – my Coles sells these heaps cheaper in the Indian grocery section than in the soup section), 500g sweet potato (90c), 1 brown onion (5c), 1 bunch kale (30c – got 3 for $1 in a markdown bag), rice bran oil, turmeric, garam masala, chilli, salt (always have in pantry) = $1.75

2 zucchini (50c – 4 for $1 in markdown bag), 6 eggs ($2), 1 red onion (10c), 4tbsp flour (negligible), half a chorizo sausage (50c – markdown tray), 100g grated cheese ($1) = $4.10

So, $6.05 plus pantry staples. It was delicious, fed two adults for dinner, and there are at least 6 lunch serves.


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