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Cheap but not very frugal …

May 21, 2016


… that’s this week’s shopping. We had to go to the shops with my two stepdaughters as the elder one needed some more clothes that fit her properly. She has a difficult shape to fit. Lucked out with some clearance items at Kmart: a 3/4 sleeve top that’s much longer in the body than most (room for her belly) and because it’s 3/4 sleeve won’t swamp her arms – she’s 9, just under average height for a 9 year old, and wearing a size 14, and a pair of trackpants that I’ve chopped a few inches off the bottom. Since we were at the shops anyway we did the grocery shopping.


There were lots of things we didn’t need this week as we still had plenty – any cleaning/toiletry products (except toilet paper, not in the picture), potatoes, apples, pears, carrots, spinach. The freezer was still pretty full of meat, I just picked up a couple of satay chicken thigh packs half price, and the fake meat was a good price.

Only $102 spent, so well under budget, but the other half picked up a couple of full-price items in the bakery section because, well, children.

There weren’t many good lunchbox items on special apart from the Vege Chips but I still have some in the pantry and can bake if need be. This sort of ‘low’ week is an important part of the grocery shopping cycle for me, no point in spending $150 just because it’s our budget. Staying under this week gives the leeway we need for weeks where we might need a lot, and we also have the council rates to save for.

This week’s meal ideas:

  • vegan nachos (bought vege mince marked down last week, so I can just do one lot that the whole family will eat, yay!!)
  • satay chicken with rice and steamed greens
  • chicken/chik’n tenders with homemade chips/wedges

The kids and I are off to Bali Thursday night so I don’t need very many dinners. Yay!! Hopefully that will mean another small shopping week but I may have to trust M to do the shopping without me!

I also have my last day at my current job on Wednesday so I will bake them some cupcakes – maybe lemon meringue as the lemons on my tree are ripening.

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