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Playing the shopping game

October 23, 2016


I love when you save more than you spend! I’m doing a four-week shop at Woolworths at the moment, spend $30 for 4 weeks to get 4000 bonus points, plus a $90 offer at Coles for 15000 bonus points. The Woolies shop this week was entirely markdowns and half price specials (the WW meals and the Vege Chips were half price in the catalogue). I got meat, pizzas (we ate two for lunch and one is in the freezer), a big bag of coleslaw with dressing, some vegetarian ball things, yogurt, pastries, Parmesan cheese, juice. Spent $30.80, saved $50.76!

Calculated carefully at Coles too, and spent $90.85, saving $50.76. That included staples that weren’t on sale like eggs, milk, plain flour (homebrand) and toilet paper (homebrand), plus more marked down meat and lots of catalogue specials. $43 at Spudshed (strawberries, apples, kiwi fruit, broccoli, kale, bananas, bread, pears, whole watermelon, 1kg of frozen mango, pasta 3 for $2, beef burgers) means we are about $14 over budget but the freezers are absolutely full, and the bonus points will be more than worth it.

One more week of the Woolworths one, two more weeks of the Coles one (next week I’ll buy $30 of phone credit from Coles so that will free up more grocery money), and that’ll get us $95 in rewards points. So far we already have about $350 in Flybuys dollars, plus I have $100 in gift cards on the way from surveys.

Saving it up for February when I have to take unpaid maternity leave. If we get to $600 in rewards dollars/gift cards that’s four weeks of grocery shopping we don’t need to pay for 🙂

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