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I am an almost-30 mother of three children, trying to balance work, family, fitness and have a life.

My kids
I put my kids first because, well, I do put my kids first. Two girls: E1 is nine and E2 is three and a half. One boy: A is almost six. I had my children young, most people I know who are my age are contemplating or have maybe just had a first child, and my oldest child is almost hitting the pre-teen stage!

My job
Not content with one, I actually have two jobs on top of raising my children. I work 20 hours a week over four days in an administration/events position for a membership based organisation. I work alone in a satellite office, which is somewhat isolating but has its advantages. I only returned to work last year after more than five years at home with my children. I could go on forever about how difficult it is to find work that accommodates children, with very little recent work experience.

My second job is writing a family calendar of events for a monthly parenting magazine. I do this from home and it generally involves a few bits and pieces through the month and a few days of cramming in deadline week. Ooops. I really should plan that better.

In 2011 I started the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. I’m not done with my journey yet, I’m a big fan and recommend Mish’s program to everyone who asks. As part of this, I started running again. In 2011 I ran my first two half-marathons and in 2012 I will run my first marathon.

What else can I say about myself? I’m a feminist, a homebirth and breastfeeding advocate and sometime activist. I try to stand up for what I believe in, but I find confrontations difficult. I suffer from social anxiety and if you meet me you probably won’t like me because of how awkwardly I act in social situations.

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