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Is it Friday yet??

February 16, 2012

This week has just been insane. I’m glad it’s officially 12WBT because, to be honest, I would have slacked off if it hadn’t been.

Work is busy – yes I only work 20 hours but people seem to expect me to get as much done as someone who works 40 – it was deadline week for my second job, I spent three hours at meetings at school one night (on three hours’ sleep the previous night), there is still heaps of stuff going on with the house … I wish I could just stop the world and get a rest.

When does it get easier??? I just realised that I can’t actually find a spare day within two weeks of A’s birthday to have his birthday party, I’m going to have to hold it the afternoon of my half-marathon which is not ideal. We have Little Athletics zone championships taking up an entire weekend, family commitments and a wedding to go to. His heart is set on an indoor playcentre that closes at 4pm, so after-school isn’t an option.

Oh and I appear to have an infected toe from the beach run on Sunday. Sand got into my shoes and compacted in the toe of the shoe, compressing my toes which are all a little dodgy anyway. There was a huge blood blister under the nail which I drained and the nail is half off, but it hurts to walk, let alone put shoes on and run.


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